Issaquah Highlands Aerial Photos

Stock photos of  Issaquah highlands neighborhoods

Images are high resolution for use in MLS listings, social media, brochures, flyers, etc.

General information:

The images are categorized by neighborhood. You will find multiple types of images for each category, such as parks, amenities and neighborhoods.

Please look through all the different categories to find the area or neighborhood you are interested in. Select the image or images you wish to purchase and click on the Add to Cart button.

Licensing Information

Each image is licensed for a one-time MLS listing use. The image(s) may be used in all related marketing material but only for that listing and the use license for images expires when the listing is closed.

If images are purchased for commercial use such as in a magazine, corporate marketing material such as a company brochure, etc., pricing will vary depending on the exact use for the image or images. Please contact me directly for this pricing.


MLS Listing images:

Each MLS listing image costs $11.00. You may purchase as many as needed.

Corporate Marketing Images:

A general price range for a single image to be used in your company brochure and/or website, is a one-time licensing fee of $125.00 per image.

Please contact me for specific details on this type of use.